About The MITSUI Public Relations Committee

About The MITSUI Public Relations Committee

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About The MITSUI Public Relations Committee

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The age when companies merely needed to concentrate on economic activities is past. In order to exist in today's world, companies must be integral members of society and corporate citizens operating in harmony with society while making a significant contribution to it.
In order for corporate groups to advance and succeed in today's world they must have an accurate understanding of the needs of society and respond effectively. It is essential that corporate groups exert every effort to ensure acceptance of their existence by the public. That means, the public relations activities of corporate groups must act as an interface between the public and the Group and inform society of the thinking of the Group and its real nature and also obtain the public's understanding. Based on this way of thinking, in addition to the efforts of individual independent corporate entities of the Mitsui Group, the member companies of the Group must combine their strengths and contribute to society in ways and on a scale that no single company could ever do.
Based on a common awareness of the great significance of this, on April 1, 1972, the forerunner of the MITSUI Public Relations Committee, the "Sankokai" (A PR organization made up of eight Mitsui Group companies) was expanded and developed to become the MITSUI Public Relations Committee.
Currently 25 companies make up the MITSUI Public Relations Committee (Including an associate member company).

Operating Concept

The MITSUI Public Relations Committee is a formation of Mitsui Group companies, and through a wide range of cultural and public relations activities, it makes a contribution to international exchange and the revitalization of regional cultural activities. At the same time, it seeks to further enhance the public image of the Mitsui Group, which contributes to ensuring the prosperity of the global community and welfare worldwide.

Operating Policy of the MITSUI Public Relations Committee

  1. Promotion of international cultural exchanges
    To nurture and intensify mutual understanding on an international scale, the MITSUI Public Relations Committee sponsors and supports various key events in Japan and overseas by introducing outstanding art and culture in a move to enhance international cultural exchange.
  2. Revitalizing regional cultural activities
    The Committee provides support to a wide range of artistic and cultural activities in many parts of Japan with the full participation of the local community to revitalize regional areas.
  3. Expediting PR activities
    The Committee is engaged in numerous public relations operations worldwide using a multitude of media resources to ensure understanding and support for the operations of all Mitsui Group companies.